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Mihalis Rizes CD Booklet Dedication Father Yannis with Mihalis Mother Adriani with Mihalis Mihalis, Axilleas, mother Adriani Brother Axilleas and Mihalis Mihalis on boat Marina's birthday Mihalis with Marina Credits Angeliki Bazigou Alekos Galas Dimitris Papakostas Lilo Fadidas Marika Papazoglou Mihalis Hadjioannou Vasilis Spanos

Fysa aeraki

Music: Stavros Xarhakos
Lyrics: Nikos Gatsos

Tempo: 9/8 Mode: Major

A man living in Venice bids the foreign land good-bye as he embarks on a boat to return to his home in Crete.

He longs to reunite with his loved one as well as his mother and sister all of whom he left behind years ago.

He beckons the wind to fill his sails and to not stop until he reaches the shores of his home.

O kaitksis

Music: Apostolos Hadjichristos
Lyrics: Giorgos Fotidas

A song of Asia Minor roots.

The hanoum Giouzel is kept captive in the harem by the beach of Poli. She cries and mourns longing for her freedom.

The man calls for the carriage driver, the "kaiktsi", to hurry and come so they can go liberate Giouzel from the harem.

Oi glaroi

Music: Charalampos Vasiliadis
Lyrics: N. Meimaris, S. Peristeris

A man is leaving his home on the island, headed for a far away land.

His love is standing by herself on the pier, waving to him on the shrinking ship.

The boat slowly makes its way to sea with seagulls flying along.

He vows that she will always be his only companion and that his thoughts will be constantly with her on the island.


Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Lyrics: Tasos Leivaditis

"Drapetsona" (a district in the Athens area) is one of the classic zeimbekiko songs.

It talks about life, work, love and the dreams of the working people.

A young couple pick up their few precious belongings and leave Drapetsona sure that they will survive despite the hopeless poverty.

O dromos

Music: Manos Loizos
Lyrics: Kostoula Mitropoulou

A tribute honoring freedom fighters of all ages.

The "dromos" (our street) had its own history - it was written right there on the wall.

Just one word, "Eleftheria" ("Freedom"), as told painted by some young kids.

Then, as time passed, the history moved from memory and was rooted in the heart.

An pethanei mia agapi

Music: Christos Nikolopoulos
Lyrics: Manolis Rasoulis

One lover to the other ...

"The force that separated us is the same force that brought us together. It is not your fault, don't cry.

A love might die but life does not. What has passed can return. Don't ask why, I have felt it, loving you deeper after you are gone."

To tragoudi tis ksenitias

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Lyrics: Errikos Thalassinos

A son living for years abroad, talks to the moon.

Mesmerized by the moon's promises he walks on foreign soil. The house back home is like an orphan, the evenings unbearable and the hillside laden with tears.

He prays to the sky to send a bird bringng patience to his mother who waits for his return.

O ksenixtis

Music: Giorgos Zampetas
Lyrics: Charalampos Vasiliadis

A deserted street, moonless night.

A young man, pale, sad, walks and whispers sobbing softly. Why?

The heart's gates are closed, the stars are gone, he is like a leaf in the wind, a tree with no branches.

Love can be quite cruel to a young lad.


Music: Stavros Xarhakos
Lyrics: Nikos Gatsos

A song from the well-known film "Rebetiko" about Greek life in Asia Minor.

A spectator praises the beauty and grace of the belly-dancer as she moves with the music and undulates her snake-like body.

He urges her to keep dancing and transpot him back to the good times of happiness and fairy tales.

Eimai aitos xoris ftera

Music: Manos Hadjidakis
Lyrics: Eftihia Papagiannopoulou

Another classic "zeimbekiko" song lamenting the loss of a precious love.

"Like an eagle I had wings and was soaring very high. But a beloved hand, an adored hand, cuts my wings off so I can no longer fly.

I am an eagle with no wings, without love, without joy. An eagle with no wings."

Sto perigiali to kryfo

Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Lyrics: Giorgos Seferis

Beautiful ballad of Theodorakis on the idyllic poem of Seferis.

Reflections on life.

"On the hidden white-sanded seashore, we got thirsty at noon. But the water was not drinkable.

With such joy, such pain and passion, we went wrong in our life. And, with time, we changed our lives."

Dodeka mantolina

Music: Mimis Plessas
Lyrics: Lefteris Papadopoulos

I sang this song to Marina when she was a baby and it always put a big smile on her face.

"I'll get twelve mandolin players, I'll pay them just for you, by the month.

Six of them will wake you sweetly every morning. The others, on each sunset, will take you for a stroll through the endless sky ..."


Music and the Sea are of my first memories. Throughout my life, endless sources of joy, solace and inspiration. My Rizes, my Roots.

This album is lovingly dedicated to my other Roots: my parents, family and dear friends. Also, to the many amazing musicians that I have played with and learned from on my musical journey.

Special thanks to all the wonderful artists who participated in this project.

— Mihalis

Father Yannis
with Mihalis

Mother Adriani
with Mihalis

Mihalis, Axilleas,
mother Adriani

Brother Axilleas
and Mihalis

Mihalis on boat

Marina's birthday

Mihalis with Marina


Mihalis Hadjioannou: Vocals, Harmonica
Alekos Galas: Bouzouki, Tzouras, Baglamas
Angeliki Bazigou: Backup vocals
Marika Papazoglou: Backup vocals
Dimitris Papakostas: Keyboards
Lilo Fadidas: Guitar, Bass
Vasilis Spanos: Bass
Dean Rubin: Percussion

Production: D. Papakostas, M. Hadjioannou
Mixing: Lilo Fadidas - Lilo Studio
Mastering: Gil Tamazian - Threshold Sound+Vision
CD Package Design: M. Hadjioannou